• How to Self-Satisfy in Secret

How to Self-Satisfy in Secret

Finding the time and privacy to be intimate with yourself can be a struggle. Perhaps your partner works a lot, and is too tired throughout the week to meet your current needs, or maybe the kids are always around. Whatever the reason,  Only 4 Pleasure is here to help, with our best tips for getting the alone-time that you crave.

When the kids are around

It might sound awkward, but if you play it right, it can be a total win! Ask a friend or family member to come and take care of the kids while you have some ‘me-time.’ You can take turns doing this for them as well. Say that you’re taking up Mindfulness Meditation, which has been helping with your wellbeing and reducing your stress levels. Shut yourself in your bedroom, put on some calming music, and relax! (You might want to try an actual meditation session in the first instance, before utilising the time to play – this will allow you to describe your sessions and divert suspicion). 

When the kids are around and your partner is home

You’re both sitting on the couch watching The Bachelor, and suddenly one of you starts acting frisky. Before long, you’re both dying to go into your bedroom and shut the door, but the kids are watching TV in the rumpus room. This is OK! Here’s what to do next:

Secure the house – if the kids seem happy playing and have plenty of entertainment, lock all the doors and windows to ensure their safety, and check for any hazards like lit candles, knives, or appliances that have been left on. Then put a white noise soundtrack on in your bedroom (there are plenty on YouTube) to mask any rogue grunts or moans. Remember, you want to be able to hear them if there’s a problem, but you don’t want them to be able to hear you! 

If you haven’t already got a lock on your bedroom door, that’s something else to consider. And don’t forget to act nonchalant afterwards – depending on how old your kids are, signs like both of you being in the shower at once or underwear being left on the bedroom floor can be a giveaway.

When your partner is too tired

As you may have discovered in our previous blog, ‘the Secret Health Benefits of Self Pleasure’, you needn’t feel ashamed of your urges. If your partner is too tired for games, you don’t have to miss out entirely! If you haven’t already, select a toy from Only 4 Pleasure’s exciting range of vibrators. When it’s time for bed, ask your partner how they’re feeling. It’s important that they know you’re attuned to to their needs as well. Then tell them how you’re feeling, and explain that you’d like to play with your toy while they’re there. Ask if they can ‘help’ – it might only take a few minutes, but there’s a range of things that can do to enhance your session, and it could be as simple as putting their hands on your body. For a sensual experience, emotional connection is everything!

Having a discreet toy makes a huge difference to what you can and can’t get away with, and Only 4 Pleasure have a range of exciting options to suit your lifestyle. Our dedicated team of experienced buyers bring you top quality toys and good vibrations every time.