• How to spice up your sex life

How to spice up your sex life

Spice It Up

It was the naughty nineties when Posh, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and Baby Spice were telling us that iswas time to spice up our lives. With rumours being sparked that they’ll be reuniting for an anniversary tour this year (it’s been twenty years since the release of ‘Wannabe’), Only for Pleasure is here to help ‘2 Become 1’ with our range of sexy products – that’s if you wanna have some fun! So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out which spice girl you are in the bedroom.


Black Jack Vibrator Sex Toys

Posh Spice

‘Fasten your seat belts.’

Whatever Posh Spice, a.k.a Victoria Beckham, has been doing – it worked, because hello, David Beckham! However, it’s not all little black dresses and charity galas in Posh’s world, because we know Becks travels a lot – and a girl can get lonely! That’s why our pick for the Posh Spices among you is the G Vibe G Jack Royal Noir Vibrator. It simultaneously stimulates two spots at once, and goes from a light tremor to intense vibration, so you might want to fasten your seatbelts when Jack Royal’s out of the box.

Only For Pleasure Whip Sex Toys

Sporty Spice

‘Three’s a crowd.’

What could be sportier than turning a day at the races into a tussle in the bedroom? Mel C always means business, and we’re pretty sure she’d approve of this sexy yet serious Love Bat Whip with Long Popper. Its flexible fibreglass shaft is topped with two solid leather poppers – the perfect number to get you introduced (and maybe even addicted) to the art of spanking.

Only For Pleasure Collar Sex Toys

Scary Spice

‘I’m gonna break the rules.’


If you’re outspoken, outrageous and ready to step things up a notch, then it might be time to try out Love in Leather’s premium range of Italian lined leather collars. Go from ready-rookie to dominatrix extraordinaire with this 1 ¾” spiked collar! It’s not as scary as sounds, but it can be as sexy as you make it. The only rule you can’t break? Always respect the safe word!



Only 4 Pleasure Massage Oil

Ginger Spice

‘Don’t worry, I know all about home delivery.’


Get the big ‘O’ delivered straight to your door with Wildfire Enhance Her, a pleasure oil in the true sense of the word. With natural jojoba oil, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and a range of other delectable scents – both your libidos will receive an unforgettable boost! It’s called Wildfire for a reason.


Only 4 Pleasure Kegal Balls Sex Toy

Baby Spice

‘In my bed, I’ve got two teddies, I’ve got a rabbit, I’ve got two dollies.’


We’re not entirely sure what Baby Spice was talking about when she said she has a rabbit in her bed, but our guess is that she isn’t as innocent as her name implies. Nevertheless, if you’ve had a baby of your own, the U Vibe K Ball is the kegal toy you need to retrain your pelvic floor muscles and get your sex life back to where it was when you first met your baby daddy. 

There you have it! Whichever Spice Girl you are, Only for Pleasure have something for you – and with our discrete billing and free delivery on eligible orders, no one need know just how spicy you are until you decide to show them what they really, really want.