• The regular girls' guide to giving a lap dance

The regular girls' guide to giving a lap dance

 1. Your music.

Traditionally, a lap dance lasts for three songs.

The first song to dance and remove your top. The second song to remove your bottoms – and finally, a third song to get up close and personal with your spectator and grind, baby, grind.

But – for our at-home, amateur lap dancer – one song (around three minutes) is more than enough! Believe you me.

In terms of music, you need something not too fast, with a sexy beat and lyrics that are not cheesy. Here are some we love for you to choose from …

 1. Worth It – Fifth Harmony

2. Work – Rihanna

3. Cream – Prince

4. Leave Your Hat On – Joe Cocker

5. Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

6. Naughty Girl – Beyonce

7. Ride - Chiara

8. Pony – Ginuwine

9. Tonight (Best You Ever Had) – John Legend

10. Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye


2. What to wear.

Wear something simple, sexy and easy to remove.

A baby-doll set is ideal – you don’t want to wear anything that needs to be pulled up over your head.

A sexy black slip with bra and panties underneath is a good option - as is a ballet wrap top and sheer, mini wrap skirt over panties.

If you wear a bra - try and wear a front-clasp bra so you don't get into a pickle trying to undo a back clasp!


3. Your man.

Sit your man in a chair (preferably a chair without arms - so an armchair is out. Just a kitchen chair will do or put him in the middle of the couch) with enough space around him so you can move behind and in front.

Give him a drink, tell him you are going to treat him to a lap dance and you’ll be right back. Remind him he cannot touch you throughout the dance.

Have your music ready to go and walk back out into the room in character. Keep eye contact all the time and be confident!


4. Your moves

Three minutes is longer than you think when you’re the sole source of entertainment. BUT - your moves don’t have to be spectacular or OTT. In fact, you don't have to be able to dance at all!

- Start by walking slowly into the room, stepping your leg across your body like a stripper so your hips jut outwards - pause on each step and push your hip out as much as you can. Keep your hands on your mid-thighs to keep it easy and simple.

- Stand with legs astride, just in front of your man so he can take a good look at you, then start grinding those hips and running your hands over your body.

- Think ‘crispy bacon’ – keep on turning baby. Dance for a while facing him, then turn and dance for a while facing away.

- As long as you keep eye contact when you are facing the front and keep moving your hips and running your hands over your body, you’ll be awesome!


5. Some dance ideas

- Come around behind your man’s chair and run both hands through his hair and down his shoulders.

- Come back to the front and stand astride one of his legs and keep grinding on his thigh. Step over to stand astride his other leg and face away. Keep grinding and push your butt out towards him.

- Get down on the floor (elegantly please ... a jazz lunge is a good technique, like this).

Next, crawl away from him on all fours. Turn over and lie on the floor with your legs scissoring apart. Run one hand delicately down your leg to your crotch. Roll back (sexily) onto your tum and crawl back. Pop your hands on each of his knees and lift yourself back up. Keep moving!

- When you remove your top or bra, remember to face away to keep up the suspense. Then when you turn around, keep your hands over your breasts to keep him guessing.

- When you remove your knickers, face away from him, pull them down so he catches a glimpse of your arse and then pull your panties back up. Glance over your shoulder at him when you finally do remove them.

- Remember, have a practice with your song beforehand in your heels and outfit. Get a girlfriend to stand in if you must!

- Ensure you have your timing right so you end up naked by the end of the song and preferably grinding into your man’s lap.

- Pout a lot - oh, and have fun.