• This is how long sex lasts around the world

This is how long sex lasts around the world

Could it be the end of the quickie?

New research has discovered that women would like sexual intimacy to last over 25 minutes. Yep, 25 long minutes.

And just in case you thought men were more inclined to enjoy a wham, bam, thank you maam – they had a similar sexual timing goal, with research by saucydates.com revealing the ideal length of an intimate encounter for blokes is about the same - 25 minutes and 43 seconds.

But it seems the gap between what we want and what we're actually getting between the sheets is huge.

Lovemaking around the world is not lasting very long – in fact the longest lovemaking sessions are happening in the USA and Canada, clocking in at 17 minutes.

The Brits came in third with 16 minute and 58 second sex sessions while Aussies came fourth – we like to do it down under for 16 minutes 34 seconds.

Coming last place were the Indians – they like to get down for about 15 minutes.

So if everyone wants longer lovemaking sessions - how can we all do it for longer?

First up, let's face facts. With our busy, frenetic lives and juggling home life, children and careers – often there just isn’t time for more than a five-minute quickie.

And there’s nothing wrong with quickies – as long as both partner’s are sufficiently aroused and happy to cut the foreplay short – and of course, as long as it's not the only way you ever make love.

But – if you do have a little more time, say on the weekends when the kids are sleeping or on a romantic holiday – try and draw it out a little longer with massage, kissing and loads of foreplay.

Men can prolong ejaculation by masturbating regularly, stopping and starting during intercourse, breathing through when they feel an orgasm is imminent and also squeezing the tip of the penis when they feel they are about to ejaculate.

Or you can slip on a condom guys - it will make you last longer.

So come on Aussies, let’s try and beat those Yanks in the sack race.