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Why men need to understand sexual consent

Did you know that the crime of sexual violence is the most common amongst college students than any other crime?

With the growing societal concern of sexual victimization of women in many environments of everyday life, a New York university has decided to investigate the factors that are contributing to men’s likelihood to engage in sexual misconduct.

Binghamton University, State University of New York, invited 145 heterosexual male students from a large university in the south east of the USA and exposed them to a series of hypothetical sexual scenarios.

Some men tend to confuse sexual interest with consent, regardless of the situation, according to a new paper co-written by faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York.

Researchers found that most men tended to confuse sexual interest with consent to sex, but that perceptions of consent varied due to situational factors as opposed to personal characteristics of the men.

"We found that the way in which the woman communicated her sexual intentions, that is verbal refusal versus passive responding, had the largest effect of men's perceptions," said Binghamton University Associate Professor of Psychology Richard Mattson.

"However, there was also evidence of a precedence effect."

A precedence effect is when men equate the occurrence of some past sexual behaviour with future consent to high levels of intimacy - in some cases even in the face of direct refusal by the woman.

Similarly, the acceptance of rape myths (i.e. ‘When a woman says no, she really means yes’) and adherence to hyper-masculine beliefs only became stronger when the woman's sexual intentions were ambiguously communicated.

"However, our findings also suggest that some men were earnestly attempting to determine whether consent was given, but were nevertheless relying on questionable sexual scripts to disambiguate the situation," said Mattson.

Aspects of the college experience undeniably influence students, said Mattson. For example, a sudden decrease in parental supervision and the consumption of alcohol, underscores an increased risk of sexually coercive situations among the university setting.

The study highlights the need for risk-reduction programs that empower women to assertively communicate their sexual desires, educate men on the inferential limits of perceived sexual desire, and reinforce unambiguous affirmative behavior as the standard for consent, he said.

Graduate student Allison McKinnon and undergraduate research assistant Gonzalo Quinones are currently developing an extension of this project that expands the range of variables that might be influencing perceptions of sexual desire and consent.

The paper, "Situational and Dispositional Determinants of College Men's Perception of Women's Sexual Desire and Consent to Sex: A Factorial Vignette Analysis," was published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.



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10 sexy songs to get down to

You’re alone in the house waiting for your partner to come home, and suddenly you decide to surprise him. Slipping into your sexiest lingerie, you pop on your spandex body suit and cover it with a black silk robe. Spritzing yourself with a little scent, you crank up the heating and pad over to the stereo. Everything is perfect – until you realise that the only sexy music you can think to put on is The Very Best of Marvin Gaye. That simply won’t do! Only 4 Pleasure have put together our best songs to get you going with some real sexual healing. Is that the door bell?

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Signs you might be into BDSM

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that things have been getting a little vanilla of late. In fact, falling into habits a natural process – the way you make love as a couple can become repetitive if both parties become complacent. That’s why Only 4 Pleasure have brought you this handy guide to help you discover if BDSM is for you! Bondage and Discipline (BD), Domination and Submission (DS) and Sadism and Masochism (SM) encompass of wide spectrum of sexual practices, from entry-level love-biting and light spanking to bondage and blindfolding. Read on to find out whether you’re the secret queen of kink!

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Why your fantasy could be more normal than you think

Have you ever thought about being dominated in the bedroom, making love in a public place, or, guiltily, thought about having a sexual experience with someone who is not your partner? Don’t worry! At Only 4 Pleasure, we can assure you that you’re not alone. According to Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, a ‘sexual fantasy’ is defined as ‘mental images of an erotic nature that can lead to sexual arousal,’ so having a fantasy that turns you on is normal, and doesn’t mean that you subconsciously have a desire to betray your partner in any way. In fact, a 2015 study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine surveyed 1,517 adults to learn what constituted an ‘unusual’ fantasy. To do this, they first had to pinpoint the ‘normal’ ones. Read on to see if yours cuts the ‘most common’ list.

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Why BDSM Isn’t As Scary As You Think

From the way it’s portrayed in popular culture, BDSM can seem a foreign and even scary thought for the sexually curious. At Only 4 Pleasure, our product range is designed to provide a new realm of possibility, so we’ve unpacked the truth about BDSM to explain why may just not be as scary as you thought. Prepare for your curiosity to be piqued!

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Sexiest Hollywood movies of all time

When the weather gets cold outside, there’s more than one way to get warm. In fact, why get warm when you can get hot? Snuggle up with a glass of wine (and a man if you have one) and take your pick from Only For Pleasure’s list of sexiest Hollywood blockbusters to get your blood pumping. Fifty Shades has nothing on these original bad boys.

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Is masturbation wrong?

Masturbating in a relationship: selfish or normal?

Today, we’re going to talk about ethics. Not the deep stuff (although it could be deep depending on the size of your vibrator) – but rather, the niggly question of whether it’s okay to masturbate when you’re in a relationship. Obviously you love each other, and that emotional connection probably makes for some great sex, but sometimes you just want some alone-time to unwind, without having to worry about whether you’ve shaved your legs or not. Only for Pleasure explains why that’s totally fine.

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How to spice up your sex life

It was the naughty nineties when Posh, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and Baby Spice were telling us that is was time to spice up our lives. With rumours being sparked that they’ll be reuniting for an anniversary tour this year (it’s been twenty years since the release of ‘Wannabe’), Only for Pleasure is here to help ‘2 Become 1’ with our range of sexy products – that’s if you wanna have some fun! So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out which spice girl you are in the bedroom.

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How to Self-Satisfy in Secret

Finding the time and privacy to be intimate with yourself can be a struggle. Perhaps your partner works a lot, and is too tired throughout the week to meet your current needs, or maybe the kids are always around. Whatever the reason, Only 4 Pleasure is here to help, with our best tips for getting the alone-time that you crave.

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